The Communication Networks, Traffic Engineering and Applications Group, or, for simplicity, Teletraffic Group, is part of the Wire Communications Laboratory, in the Division of Telecommunications & Information Technology of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Patras, Greece.

The Teletraffic Group consists of:
  •     Prof. Michael D. LOGOTHETIS (Director)
  •     Prof. Ioannis D. MOSCHOLIOS (Associate Professor at the University of Peloponnese)
  •     Mr. Ioannis K. PAPANIKOS (Group Leader at Dialog Semicontactor)
  •     Dr. Vassilios G. VASSILAKIS (Lecturer at the University of York, York, UK)
  •     Dr. Ioannis S. VARDAKAS (Project Leader, Iquadrat, Barcelona, Spain.)
  •     Mr. Georgios A. KALLOS (Research Engineer at British Telecom (BT), UK)
  •     Mr. Michael K. SIDIROPOULOS (Telecommunications Engineer, Intracom, Greece.)
  •     Mr. George E. FAKOS (PhD Student)

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