First Prize @BRAIN.IO hackathon at IEEE BIBE 2019, Athens, Greece

VVR group members win First Prize at BRAIN.IO hackathon, IEEE BIBE 2019, Athens, Greece. VVR group undergraduate student Michalakis George and graduate students Papandreou Andreas and Chatzikalymnios Aggelos, won the IEEE first price of the g-tec sponsored BRAIN.IO hackathon in the context of the IEEE BIBE conference that was held in Athens, Greece on October … Read More

IEEE Worldhaptics 2019, Tokyo : Best Student Innovation Challenge Award

VVR group undergraduate students Nikolaos Tsagkas and Ioannis Koutoulogenis, supervised by Associate Professor Konstantinos Moustakas, won the “Best Student Innovation Challenge Award” of the Hyundai sponsored SIC-Mobility Challenge in the context of the IEEE Worlhaptics conference that was held in Tokyo, Japan on July 9-12, 2019. Initially, the group had been accepted as one of … Read More

IEEE VR Osaka 2019

VVR group undergraduate students Ioanna Balasi, Agapi Chrysanthakopoulou, Konstantinos Kalatzis, Dimitrios Laskos, Michail Pavlou, Sokratis Zouras and research assistant Dimitrios Bitzas, supervised by Associate Professor Konstantinos Moustakas, have been accepted and presented their project “VitaZ: Gamified Mixed Reality Multisensorial Interactions” in the final of the 3DUI contest of IEEE VR 2019 that was held in … Read More

Dimitar Stanev has been named an inaugural OpenSim Fellow

Dimitar Stanev has been named an inaugural OpenSim Fellow of the NIH National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research (NCSRR). The NCSRR fellows program recognizes individuals with a deep expertise in biomechanical modeling and computer simulation and a strong commitment to the OpenSim modeling and simulation community. The NCSRR is a National Institutes of Health … Read More

Technical achievement award, Stanford OpenSim workshop

The Visualization and Virtual Reality Group and Dimitar Stanev received the Grand Technical Award, among the twenty teams that participated in the OpenSim Advanced User Workshop that was held at Stanford University during 28-31 March 2018. The submitted proposal, with title “Multi-scale analysis of the knee complex” aims to develop multi-scale, patient-specific models of the … Read More

BEST PAPER AWARD IEEE ICME 2017 , Completion of Animated Meshes

The paper entitled “Efficient Graph-based Matrix Completion on Incomplete Animated Models” has been accepted for publication to IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and EXPO 2017 (acceptance rate for oral presentation 15% and 15% for Posters) and has been selected by the 10K Best Paper Award Committee of IEEE International Conference of Multimedia and EXPO to … Read More


VVR LAB researchers Aris Lalos, Iason Nikolas and Konstantinos Moustakas have received the best paper award for the paper titled “Sparse Coding of Dense 3d Meshes in Mobile Cloud Applications” presented in Proc. IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology (ISSPIT 2015), Abu Dhabi, UAE, Dec. 2015

El Greco art exhibition in Heraklion Crete

VVR group supports the El Greco art exhibition that is taking place in September and early November in Heraklion Crete. VVR offered two interactive applications, namely a virtual environment for the interactive 3D exploration of the Laocoön sculpture and a multimedia application, where users can experiment with The Resurrection painting of El Greco and learn … Read More