IEEE Scientific Visualization Contest 2014

The 2014 IEEE Scientific Visualization Contest will be an official part of IEEE VIS 2014 held in Paris, France. Each year, the VisContest presents researchers from the vis community an opportunity to transfer the latest developments in visual data analysis to a challenging application scenario. This year, the contest targets data from atmospheric research that … Read More

ISMAR 2014-Munich

Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) melt the barriers between virtual media, the physical world and our imagination by enriching our ability to interact with all three. New applications in diverse areas such as Engineering, Entertainment, Arts, Education Media and Humanities push the boundaries of science and technology. As the premier conference in the … Read More


InsideAR brings together the industry leading speakers, brands and companies for two days to discover and experience Augmented Reality via live demonstrations, keynotes and the expo area. Experience the future of Augmented Reality and the current applications changing the world around us at InsideAR – the Augmented Reality Conference. 2013 was an extremely successful year … Read More